We get so caught up in the drama of the dream world that very few want to wake up. Those who do, do not know how to awaken. Even the ones who are fortunate to have a guide are not able to do so easily, as the seduction gets to us. It is like a mother trying to wake her child to study for his or her exams. As soon as she leaves, the child goes back to sleep and does not wish to wake up. That is only the seduction of sleep. The seduction of this world is very powerful. We think we want to wake up, and yet to give up this dream forever, feels impossible: All that is near and dear is now unreal. Our powers, positions, intelligence, accomplishments, and desires, are now a dream. Our religions, beliefs, goals, hard-work are all for nothing. Our trophies, good credits, social status, and good deeds all vanish in a split second of waking up. Who are the few who really want to wake up from the intoxication of this dream called life?— Satish Daryanani

awakened mind