We see life from our own perspective because we are selfish. To be successful, we should see the point of view of our customers, financiers, and suppliers. Bosses must see from their employees’ points of view and vice versa. Since I have had so much free time lately, I wanted to see the world from God’s perspective. He created us out of love but the world is filled with so much hatred. He wanted us to have faith but we live in fear. He created us all equal, in His image, but we discriminate. He wants nothing and we only want from Him. He gave us peace and yet, we don’t enjoy it. He forgives us but we cannot forgive anyone. He wants what is best for us but we do what our egos dictate. If you see what poor God has to go through, you will shed tears for Him. I give credit to God for not giving up on us. Start tomorrow and see everything from God’s perspective. Enjoy the perfection of this world, as it is planned by Him. — Satish Daryanani