In seeking pleasure, you have already created your pain. Pleasure in worldly objects and people is neither pure nor permanent. If something is capable of giving you pleasure, the same can also cause you pain. For example, a newly married couple can have the pleasure of being with each other and, later on in life, that same relationship can become painful. This world will give you joy from pleasure. So, we jump from one pleasure to another in search of this joy. When a person is tired of this roller coaster ride, he looks for permanent happiness. He has to rise above petty desires and seek ultimate reality. Only supreme bliss, the experience of indescribable joy and peace within, can satisfy us. Once you get it, nothing, and I repeat, nothing can make you lose it. So, run after worldly pleasures more and more. Get tired, and then become a part of the club with the membership of just a few thousand, the club where all the members have the same last name, Joy. — Satish Daryanani