The mind is very powerful. Situations arise to teach us lessons. Once we learn how we got into the situations, what caused them, we understand what not to do. Once understood, we can use positive thoughts and our inner energy to heal ourselves. For example, if you eat something that does not agree with you, you may not be able to heal yourself immediately. Healing only occurs after learning. Sometimes you may need surgery, as damage is already done. In the future, when you learn from your lifestyle mistakes, your mind can maintain your health. A doctor told my friend that most illnesses take place due to stress. The biggest cause of stress is “I.” The joke of life is how the ego, “I,” causes the physical “I” to get sick. The spiritual “I” uses the mind “I” to heal and repair the physical “I.” How stupid are we? Cut the mischievous ego “I,” and self healing won’t even be needed. Until then, we are just going around our whole life in circles. — Satish Daryanani

Self-healing illustration