Sometimes I get upset because the cell phone networks are slow. Then, out of frustration, I just turn off my phone. I wait a few minutes and then turn it back on. Suddenly, the signal is improved and I am back in action. So it was not the fault of the network. I was not able to receive the signal due to a problem with my device. If we sometimes do not get answers, we, too, must turn off our receivers, our minds, just for a few minutes. Let the mind reboot and maybe we can receive the Divine signal again. We have so many apps running simultaneously in our minds, that our minds get hung. Just don’t think about anything and soon you will have answers for all your issues. The real signal is LTE 4 bars all over the universe, to receive we only have to work on our mental capacity. So we seek guidance from spiritual Masters until we are able to receive a signal on our own. Once you can do it for yourself, you can help others when they face difficulties. So please turn off your phone and mind daily, for at least a few minutes, so nothing can weaken the signal you need. — Satish Daryanani

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