No matter how good your intentions are, if you utter even one word, it can cause misunderstanding. Silence is golden. Not only can it rejuvenate or heal, you, it also protects you, and you can enjoy peace. If you type slowly like me, you get time to pause before you press send. In talking, there is no pause. Silence and solitude are the only things needed to discover everything. People find it hard to be silent or sit in solitude. On the other hand, talking and mixing with people is difficult for me. Some think I am an egotistical person and success has gone to my head, as I do not communicate with them. The reason I prefer silence is to not get in trouble. My words may not appeal to everyone. Talking of spreading the teachings or of vegetarianism, is different. Then you are only a microphone. Talking about normal stuff is not my strength. So, my weakness becomes my strength, as sitting in silence is my natural state. Talking is going against the current. Solitude is fun. You can be by yourself, dress the way you want, do what you want, eat what you want, and think about what you want. I even prefer staying in hotels, as it gives me a break from the world. People, people all the time, get to me. So being around people is for my entertainment and, being in silence and solitude is, for me, a chance to enjoy my true nature. — Satish Daryanani

woman sitting alone on beach