When I talk about the teachings with those who have a lot of knowledge and have been around spiritual Masters, they tell me, “You are singing to the choir.” Yes, they do know the teachings but they do not practice. Therefore, the teachings are mentioned. I am sure that people already know most of what I write about. After all, we have thousands of years of teachings from various saints. These are gentle reminders for everyone, including myself. Sometimes, I would even get a thank you from the spiritual Masters for reminding them of what they said. It shows their humility and willingness to always grow. I cannot sing so I feel happy when I hear singing to the choir. But agreeing on something without action serves no purpose. It is not easy to accept that we still need to work on ourselves. If someone does want to give me a nudge please do so. I will not tell you that you are singing to the choir, as no choir would want me. Satish Daryanani