All the good you do with your thoughts, words, and actions is rewarded when you sit on a chair with your eyes closed. The chair becomes a throne, taking you to an ecstasy that is beyond words. Let the world take advantage of you. You will get a free pass to enter the inner world. Those who have performed negative actions pay the price by never being able to sit on the chair with their eyes closed. That is the highest price you can pay for your actions. When there is nothing that can prick your conscience, peace is experienced. The reward given by the Lord is not heaven after death, it is heaven we can enjoy right now. Forget flying on a magic carpet. The chair can take you to new heights, heights of which you never dreamed. How you have lived is examined by the chair, like a litmus test. Those who are fortunate to get completely lost in the chair now belong in the list of trillionaires in Forbes magazine. — Satish Daryanani