A sleepless night could be the gift of your life. It depends on what you experience. You could write books about all the wonderful thoughts that come while sleepless. If you enjoyed the gift, you will wish you could never sleep again. We sometimes do not spend enough time in silence, so God knows when to catch us. We cannot run away from Him. He has a captive audience. Then it depends on His mood. He can bestow so much that it will be more than enough for your lifetime. There will even be battles within you in the mornings. “Do I want to get up at all or just stay in this state?” I see many people leave worldly stuff and spend the rest of their lives in seclusion. But the real lesson in life is to enjoy the excitement from outside with others enjoying your existence, at the same, time shaking your head as to what can come from a sleepless night. When you do both, this limited lifespan seems to go by fast. You will not know if you should keep your eyes open or closed during the day, as both the aspects of your life are so interesting. Open for a few minutes and close for a few and enjoy the dance between the two opposite poles of your life. — Satish Daryanani