The difference between a gold medal and no medal at all can be .01 seconds. The difference between a great salesman or an average salesman are a few words. The difference between success and failure are a few decisions. The difference between a wise or an otherwise person is the ability to realize the truth. For that one thing, the whole outlook of life can change from struggling and suffering to joy and peace. We do not have to change the big things in our life. Instead, work on the small stuff. For example, just the continuous repetition of this small word “OM” can set you free. Your entire life’s service can transform all around you with a simple “SMILE.” All that you face in life can change with the one word, “YES,” to the Lord’s will. Above all, the greatest nectar of this life can be enjoyed by bathing daily in this indescribable word, “SILENCE.”  – Satish Daryanani

illustration of a smiling face standing out among frowning faces