A couple, in their 40’s, was very close to my spiritual Master. When the husband suddenly passed away, the wife was upset and blamed the Master and so never met Him again. A lot of people say that those who get physically close to a Master face more challenges. Whatever is in our destiny will happen. Spirituality only teaches us how to deal with situations. Turbulence is part of our lives. What you learn from being around a spiritual soul is to have smooth sailing in your true inner core. It will always be calm and peaceful. Situations can make you angry, upset, fearful, anxious, and sad. No matter what happens during the day, your true inner core remains steady. When you are alone by yourself, you are at peace. The next day, you are back in the battlefield. The world will think you are a hypocrite, getting tossed around by the waves of the world and talking about equanimity. Only you know the truth and enjoy this smooth sailing. No one else needs to know otherwise. — Satish Daryanani

hands provide shelter from a storm