When I was young, I loved playing this game. While rolling the dice, I used to pray I would land on a square with a ladder so I could go up and win the game. Every time I landed on the square with a snake, I would be sad. Just when I thought I was one step away from winning, the longest snake would take me from victory to nearly the beginning of the game. In my life, being in the physical presence of my spiritual Masters was like going up the ladder. When they left their bodies, it felt like I was coming down the longest snake. Today, nothing from this world can get me as excited as being in the presence of my Master. The lows are irrelevant compared to the passing away of my Masters. Even though they are spiritually with me, I do miss by buddies. I use this joy and pain to my advantage. All the ups and downs of money, health, name, fame, and desires are meaningless. After you have enjoyed the greatest joy and sorrow, dealing with whatever comes is only a breeze. So, playing my favorite game, Snakes and Ladders, in my childhood, taught me to enjoy the game of snakes and ladders in life. — Satish Daryanani

Snakes & Ladders game board