In the old days, when someone sneezed, people would be afraid that they might have caught the plague. That is why after someone sneezes we say, “God bless you,” for protection. Now we get free blessings from everyone. It is harder to sneeze with the mask on as the mask gets messed up. I sneeze so loudly that I get multiple blessings. Suppose God sneezed, we will have to tell Him to bless Himself. How many people who pray to God actually bless God? Our prayers are a one-way ticket for unlimited requests. We ask for ourselves and sometimes for our loved ones, and for universal blessings. Spend time with God only for the sake of God, not for yourself. Care for God more than you care for yourself. You can even scold God by telling Him to take it a little easy. Saving this world is a thankless job. There is a saying, “What you sow so shall you reap.” This saying is made specifically for God. You made this asylum, my Lord, now you are stuck with it. I thank everyone who blessed me when I sneezed, as they might have protected me from so many unknown calamities. Satish Daryanani