In big cities like New York, Hongkong, or Dubai, social approval is dominant. People do anything to fit into society. They even overspend and take on debt to keep up their social images. Many people starve themselves to look slim so others think they are beautiful. Their hair, shoes, and clothes are chosen for others. They only live for compliments. These people actually deserve credit. The “I” in their lives is gone. They live for the sake of others. They become spiritual, as others are more important than they are. The only difference is they are trying to fit in, whereas true spirituality makes you stand out. But they are all half-way there. Women sacrifice their comfort by wearing painful, high-heeled shoes to look good to others. Those who live for social approval are very insecure within. They are not sure of themselves, so being approved by society makes them feel complete. If you sacrifice to bring joy to others, not for any approval but for blessings, sacrifice not to compete or outdo others with material things but to help fill the void in people’s empty lives, then you become their Versace, Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. They can get the same joy from being with you, free of charge. You will not go out of style. You can buy anything as long as it does not hurt you financially, not for approval from society, but for you to enjoy. — Satish Daryanani

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