My Master had gone to the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The Russian translator realized that all the talks were pertaining to God. She did not believe in God. So my Master asked her, “What do you believe in?” She said she believed in “Camaraderie.” This is solidarity—oneness as a nation. The Master said, “If you really believe in this, you do not need to believe in God.” This is God, all living as one for each other. No religion is greater than that.” Today, the world wants to separate. Countries want to build walls between them. Even Brexit is not easy—leaving your neighbors, your largest trading partners. It can even cost you over 60 billion dollars to leave your wife. Solidarity requires unity, like-mindedness, mutual support, and living for one another. This is what it is like in heaven. Loneliness and living for yourself feel like being in hell. So, is living in the Soviet Union like heaven? In concept, it was meant to be that way. The selfishness of humanity ruined it. Money and power came into the hands of a few. To be like-minded is not easy. To find it even in small, non-profit organizations is nearly impossible. We are trying to live in solidarity. See the same divine spirit in everything. Then we are all on the same team—playing this game of life together, supporting each other without being a burden on one another.—Satish Daryanani

Tai Chi practice group in park