When a seeker reads spiritual material and tries to understand it on his own, he get confused. Like the different layers of an onion, spirituality, too, has many layers. So, if you read something from one spiritual Master and listen to a talk by another, there can be confusion. Then you look for someone who can clarify everything. If you have no one to talk to, then the only option is to sit in silence and bring all the points to God. You may get the answers right away. As your understanding increases, the answers will have more depth. Today, let us clear up one confusion: We have to play our parts and get caught up in the world and, yet, we seek divinity and do not wish to take part in this world. Brad Pitt is appearing in a new movie, “Ad Astra,” as an astronaut. While the shooting of the movie takes place, he has to remember the dialogue and forget he is Brad Pitt. When he comes to his hotel and is all alone, he goes back to being himself. So, during the day, play your part and repeat all the things that are written in your script. Then, spend more time alone and enjoy being the real you, the you that is spontaneous, peaceful, happy,  free of makeup. Enjoy both. — Satish Daryanani

Man talking to a statue