Songs bring back memories. Some songs remind me of my parents, school, friends, and some remind me of my spiritual Masters. Having a lot of free time now, I have been listening to old songs and I am reliving the past. Some songs inspire and give the positive energy that I need. The songs make me remember what a wonderful life I have had and fill me with gratitude. Remembering all the love I have received from everyone, I would not change one aspect of my past, as everything took place to make me the way I am. It is not perfect but it is perfect for experiencing everything from within. If I could write a song it would be, “The image of God is so wonderful that I bow down in humility, and become dust at the Lord’s feet. Living in your love is all I need before I die.” But I cannot rhyme words or sing, so it is hard to write songs. So I recommend: Use other people’s words, imagine you wrote the song, and try to express your love to the love of your life. — Satish Daryanani

silhouette of man singing in a microphone