Some people love and can handle spicy food while others stay away, as their stomachs cannot handle it. The year 2020 has been a spicy year. Many are happy it is coming to an end. We may forget many years but not this one. It brought the best and the worst out of many people. Our bodies and minds are different. For a person who lives for the spice in life, I had fun this year. Tomorrow brings in the New Year and that will overshadow the real benefits of this unique experience from God. In a way, I am sad. Today is the last day of the most profound year of my life. All I have is gratitude for this once in a lifetime experience. I got to see who were my true friends and who stood by me. My gratitude to all those who still have faith in me is deep. God has not given up hope in us. He shows His grace on this once in a lifetime gift. Tomorrow, on New Year’s Day, I will explain why this is the best year of my life. — Satish Daryanani