Spiritual Realization or Financial Success

When my father was a young man, he was given this choice by his spiritual Master. At the time, he did not have a lot so, in his heart, he chose financial success. My grandmother told the spiritual Master to bless her son with liberation. The spiritual Master said that my father would have both in this lifetime. My father was given enough wealth for his need, and not for his greed. He would sit in silence every morning at 4 am and, sometimes, I would check to see if he was still breathing. He would be completely lost in the depths of silence. He never discussed his experiences but we knew he was enjoying them. Sometimes we don’t need to do much. Grace is poured for no reason. We may not even deserve it. In the meantime, most of us put in effort for financial success and spiritual evolution. Hopefully, one day, the Lord will decide to shower me with what my father was fortunate to get. Satish Daryanani