People who cannot face the world look to spirituality for escapism. Being a coward and not facing life will not lead to spirituality. You must be strong-minded. Spirituality helps us to face life with a correct attitude. A small change in the mindset can bring an understanding that we are not being punished with all that we face, rather it is all for our growth as persons. Rather than identifying with our experiences, we are learning who is the one experiencing. Be in the world but do not get consumed by it. In the battlefield of life, become a warrior and face everyone and everything head-on. Have no fear about your convictions or lack faith in the grace that is protecting you. We get caught in the battle between what is moral and the tricks the mind plays on us. Spirituality gives us the willpower to do what is right. For those who brave this path of spirituality, life becomes a cakewalk. We are all made this way. It is only out of ignorance that we became cowards and miss out on the opportunity to experience spiritual life.— Satish Daryanani