“Mediation,” “inner peace,” “Kundalini Yoga,” “out-of-body experience,” “awakening,” and many more words are used so often by people that their value has been reduced to peanuts. These precious words have to be earned and not spoken about. The one who knows the true value will not reveal all the details about them. These are all stepping stones to something far greater. Thank God no one has yet created a word for that, as it is beyond words. Poor God, He also has been put into a word. We use “God” even to curse out in anger. Sometimes the “F-word” and God have equal value, as there is no reverence for God. When we talk about God, our eyes should be watery and the reference to the Beloved should be only made with a  voice broken from the pain in our hearts. Just as how, when you speak of meditation, there automatically is a look of bliss on your face and you are able to talk about it with a calm, sweet voice. — Satish Daryanani