Can you inspire others if you have not written or experienced the words? Many years ago, I was doing that. After my talk, a very prominent person told me, “You should not give these talks, as you have not experienced them.” Even though I was just being a parrot, I loved spreading the words of my spiritual Masters. I told them what this person said to me. My spiritual Masters told me, “Others see the similar struggles in you. We are all on the same journey inspiring each other. As you spread the teachings, you will automatically become a reflection of the teachings. One day, the teachings will come through you, not as second-hand information.” Others will always find faults in you to test you and see if spreading the teachings is more important than your ego being bruised. Even if it coming through you, still it is not from you. All teachings come only from that one source. You can never take credit for them. Satish Daryanani