Swami Vivekananda traveled the world and spread the teachings of his spiritual Master, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Not many people would have heard about Sri Ramakrishna. There have many such saints in history who did not travel much, or write books that are published worldwide, or whose videos are on YouTube. If you are fortunate enough to be around realized saints who are not yet popular then, you have easier access to them just so you can eat their heads. Once they become popular you, too, will have to stand in long lines to get a glimpse of them. I know of saints who have over 25 million disciples, how do you get to meet them and pull their legs? If you find anyone, not necessarily a saint, who can inspire and guide you towards your spiritual goal, go ahead and hang around with them. Don’t only look for the most popular spiritual Masters, as you may need binoculars to get their blessings. Satish Daryanani