Our parents have given us birth and taken care of us. Some were fortunate that their education was paid for by their parents. Now we must stand on our own feet. In the same manner, the Lord has given us everything. We must learn to use the assets we have. Instead, we want to make God and our parents into a mule to carry our load. They are there for us only after we have put in our best effort. We say, when God blesses us only then will realization happen. No. We have to do our best and, when His Grace pours upon us,  we will experience everything. Children want to help the world by using their parent’s wealth. That is wrong. We can earn it ourselves and then help others. Real service is when we can stand on our own feet, without complaining, and let the Lord work through us. This will make our parents truly proud. − Satish Daryanani

Child trying to stand next to strong adult legs