When we see people standing in a line at a store, we figure the products sold there must be excellent. Many restaurants purposely make people wait while tables are empty inside. If we see no lines and no customers waiting, we figure that the business is not doing well and is not worth entering. The longer the line, the more we want to go and check it out. In India, sometimes people wait for days at a temple just to get a few moments of blessings. If the same God is in a temple across the street where there are no lines, they will not go. So, God and His grace only work if you have to wait in long lines. Even with Spiritual Masters, the longer the line to get their blessings, the more evolved a soul He or She must be, so more grace and wisdom. The fewer the disciples, the less the power. The only place there is no line is for God. He has no customers, as only a handful has tasted His dishes. Social media has not rated His grace. It is easy and takes no effort, no struggle, yet we do not want to go because we will not come back as the same person. There are no refunds. We want to stand in lines to show we love God, get blessings for our desires, and be forgiven for all our wrongs. There are no lines to go directly to God just to lose your identity. So choose your path. Either be part of the herd and keep standing in lines or be the one who inspires others to create a new line where there will be no lines to limit them. — Satish Daryanani

long line of buddhist monks