It is the holiday season, and I am on a vacation. It is easy for me to say, “Let the New Year begin and, when I reach home, I will start my diet and work on my body, my mind, and whatever commitments I want to make.” It is easy to postpone and start on Jan 2, after all the partying is over. Even to say let me start on an auspicious day, like Christmas, is too late. The ones who can start now, in spite of every excuse not to, will definitely achieve their goals. Right now, this very second, while reading this thought, you can get everything. Then New Year’s Day becomes another day with no resolutions, just another holiday—to get up late and go for a massage and see a movie—nothing special. No matter what, peace comes. Rejoice in everything. Have willpower over all your weaknesses. Do not hold on to the past. Stop complaining. Above all, learn to do everything now. Every time you decide on something, it becomes your new resolution and the new you experiences the change within.— Satish Daryanani

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