Imagine you deleted all your emails, pictures, and WhatsApp messages from everyone and just managed to save only the very important stuff. It will be a fresh start. Now let’s try that with the mind—deleting all the unnecessary stuff and only saving the real important stuff. My brain will show 99.2 percent of storage space available. Enjoy a fresh start to life, with all new experiences and memories, and having to carry no unnecessary burdens. The mind is now fresh and empty to fill with new junk. At least, if we do a mental cleanup annually, we will get a fresh start. I would never delete the experiences with my Masters, as that is the important stuff I will save. I would delete all these past thoughts from my mind, as they have served their purpose for those days. Let’s start small, by making every day a fresh start. So, if I eat pizza, it will be like the first time, as I have deleted the past experience. Now you have so many new things to watch on Netflix, as you have deleted from your mind all the past episodes you have seen. Let’s experience a fresh start in life.— Satish Daryanani