Starting Today

When I want to change or add something new in my life, I say, “Starting today, this or that will happen.” I did start many things but have not stuck with some of them. In time I gave up. I used to get up early morning to sit in silence, now I do it whenever I feel like it. Starting today, no more alcohol. I stopped drinking alcohol for 13 years and then started again. Starting today, I will never lose my temper—that day, itself, was too long to keep my promise. Starting today, I will always obey my spiritual Masters—that changed with the first argument. We all want to improve and add disciplines in our lives, but time becomes our enemy and we give in to our weak minds. There are a few commitments I still keep, like staying vegetarian and being aware of the peace within. Starting today, I am not going to say “Starting today” for any new subject, as I am tired of failing. Satish Daryanani