Someone who read my thought sent me a message, “Stop.”  Perhaps they may not have agreed to yesterday’s topic. Spirituality is not easy for everyone to digest. You may not agree with all the thoughts written. I, too, used to argue with my spiritual Masters about what they would say to me. I feel sad and would love to apologize for not agreeing with them because of my ego and ignorance. If Arjun agreed with everything that Lord Krishna told him then there would be no book called ‘The Gita.’ Jesus would not have to come back after His death as he had ample time to tell everyone the truth while He was alive. If someone decides to spread the teachings, they should be ready for those who may not agree with them. When words prick you it is only then that the medicine is working. We live a life where words have lost their value but, when someone says, “Stop,” at least you are happy that they are paying attention to what they are reading. Satish Daryanani