Today we only look at the studies done by doctors and scientists. One study shows that eating a meat diet reduces strokes by 20 percent. Another study shows that a vegan diet reduces the risk of strokes and colon cancer. A study shows drinking red wine is good for you. At one time, a study showed smoking was good for you. Many years ago, I asked my spiritual Master how to know what was correct. He said to find out who was paying for these studies and you will get the answer. If the motive is for profit, the studies are in the favor of the sponsor. Use your own intellect and know what is correct for your body and mind. If the food is natural, from nature, it is always good for you. For example, protein is found in nature, but we use middle men, the animals, as the source of our protein. Peace is our natural state, but we need to read a study on how meditation benefits us. Stop studying the studies and study your own body. It knows more than all the doctors and scientists. There should be a study on what it is to experience God. All other studies will be forgotten. No one will sponsor it as no company will benefit, only you will. Studies of all the scriptures will not lead you there. Only one thing will—studying how your heart skips a beat every time you think of the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

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