Sometimes we see images of people suffering. We cannot do anything except pray to God, as we cannot understand His mercy behind everything. This is when faith comes in play. Our limited intelligence cannot comprehend that everything that happens is good for us. As we grow in spirituality, the first benefit is that we stop questioning what is happening. It is God’s play and we are only witnessing the drama. We, too, take part but, many will not understand our roles. The script of life is already written. It is our understanding that has to grow. Spirituality does not mean that the world is perfect from what we think. It is in seeing the perfection, as it is produced by the perfect One. Peace in our lives takes place not because the world suddenly became peaceful. It is in rejoicing everything that happens that let’s you enjoy peace. Don’t try to make people understand this. It’s enough as long as you can see the big picture of creation. Satish Daryanani