At one end of an island there are cliffs and, beyond that, all we can see is the vast ocean. We can end our lives, whichever side we jump. At this point, the thought came to me: To enjoy the raw and vast nature, I have to look forward and forget the past. As our bodies are mostly made up of water, we are naturally attracted to the ocean. It is when we are fed up from the world that we want to end our lives. It is not the death of our physical forms but the death of our attachments, desires, our notions of right and wrong, our fears, our ignorance, our possessions, etc. Then we are free from the past. From now on, the present and future is the same. We are lost in the infinite nature and the infinite within us. The new I is free from karma. Free from action and reaction. Free from doer and doer-ship. To the born-again Christians, who is born and who dies? We now experience that: the suicide of the lower self, the birth of the true self. – Satish Daryanani

Cliff surrounded by ocean left and right