After watching many movies and T.V. shows, I wish I had superpowers. I could have fun with them, protect people and get rid of bad guys. I could also help and heal people. I was thinking about which superpower I would choose. The answer came—the greatest superpower is to be able to control the mind. The one who can do that can experience peace at any moment, place, or situation. Indirectly, he can experience God whenever he wants. Having a superpower is of no use unless you can test it on a super villain. The more powerful the opponent, the more you get to test your power. Similarly, the more challenges and obstacles that come in your life, the more you get to test the superpower of the mind. The Lord can bless you with this superpower. He will also give you a lot of super villains to play with. He will be watching and laughing at the show of your life. — Satish Daryanani

My thoughts on superpowers illustration