Sitting in silence when we meditate or pray to God is like enjoying the nectar of sweet mango. Some people spend years in prayer and still have not seen or enjoyed the mango. We want only the fruit but fail to understand the requirements needed to get the fruit. First, we must find fertile soil, then dig a hole, put in a mango seed, and cover it with some fertilizer. We must make sure there is enough sunlight as well as shade. Then sufficient water must be given to make it grow. After some time, a mango grows on the tree. It takes some more time to ripen and, at the right moment, the sweet, ripened mango can be enjoyed. That is the process of enlightenment. We emerge from the darkness of being able to see nothing into the light where everything becomes clear. Then one becomes an instrument to help others enjoy the sweet mango within, which is in each one of us. — Satish Daryanani