While taking off, an airplane has to be at full speed. You can hear the engines at full throttle during take-off. Once it reaches cruising altitude, the speed and the sound of the engines are reduced. Airplanes burn the most fuel at take-off. If the airplane would continue the entire journey at full speed, it would run out of fuel before it reached its destination. The engines would get damaged in the long run. Our lives are the same. When starting a new project we have to do so at full throttle. As it is set up, we must learn to run it at cruise control. We, too, can burn up our inner fuel and damage our mental engine. In spirituality, we do the same. We do all austerities at full speed. Push our buttons till a discipline is formed. Then, at cruise control, let spirituality happen. No effort is needed. This balance of pushing and letting go is needed. Sometimes even an airplane increases speed in mid-flight to level off. If work needs it, you push yourself once in a while to level off, to move ahead. If you start getting complacent in your spiritual evolution, then work on your focus. But please do not run your life pushing yourself to full capacity. You will lose the fun of life itself. You will give up before reaching your goal. — Satish Daryanani

Airplane take-off reflected in auto's side mirror.