If you do not take aim, you will not find out if you hit or miss. Once you aim you will automatically focus, as everyone loves to hit the bullseye and get the most points to win. Even if we hit the bullseye by luck, we can still celebrate. We say, “Aim high,” but that can also lead to disappointment. Aim at what you can chew. I never aimed to be as good as Micheal Jordan, or Bill Gates, or even my spiritual Masters. My aim is to only have fun, nothing more. This simplicity in life will give you more than you realize. Nothing should stop you from having fun. These thoughts will be written till I enjoy it otherwise writing them will lose its charm. You can aim for world peace, climate change, and all the other important stuff but only if you are having fun doing it. Let’s all not aim too high or too low but at eye level so we can be balanced while taking a shot at life. Satish Daryanani