Someone was upset with me for some reason. They used to read the daily thoughts and would comment on the benefits. Now they do not read the thoughts or communicate with me. I know of a person who became a widow at a very young age and blamed my spiritual Master, as her husband was very close to Him. Many things happen in our lives. We take them personally and blame someone else. We do not know the exact number as to how many customers God loses daily. We blame Him for almost everything. He is on the blocked list of many people. His words of wisdom, grace, and love are blocked. Have we ever blamed ourselves for our issues and put ourselves on the blocked list? No thoughts from me to me. No communication from myself. I do not exist anymore for myself. I am upset and now I am dead to myself. Blocking ourselves is not possible, as we are selfish and self-centered. How can we blame ourselves, the perfect beings? So catch someone, or something, that bruised our ego-selves. We only take things personally because we cannot live with the truth about ourselves. — Satish Daryanani

figure kneeling in prayer at a closed door