Many rich and powerful people take up the time of spiritual Masters, but they may not receive grace. Many men take advantage of the physical bodies of women, yet do not receive any love from their hearts. Some rich people go to stores and take things without paying, even though they can afford it. Some people prefer trying to take things they cannot have rather than receiving what they are getting. Powerful nations can conquer and take over weaker nations, yet they cannot receive loyalty from the citizens belonging to that nation. The real fun is greater from receiving than from taking, as the gift comes from the free will of the giver. It is given with love, which benefits the receiver. God is the best example of a giver. Taking boosts the ego. It shows our power, that we can get whatever we want. It is our right. Receiving requires patience and humility. Gratitude is experienced in receiving. Receiving a ripe apple from a tree is tastier than plucking an unripe one. At the correct time, you receive. Taking what is not due to you is going against the will of God. We receive only what is due to us and not more. If the world takes from you do not let it disturb you. If, by mistake, you received more than what is due to you, then you are just balancing your account. — Satish Daryanani

hands holding bubble containing a heart shape