Some people take so long to make decisions that they lose many opportunities. They kick the bucket before they even make a bucket list. They want to experience God but do not make up their minds in time to work on it. Then it becomes too late and the experiencer no longer exists. Luckily, heaven can wait. They would not be able to give an answer to St. Peter whether they want heaven or hell. They only wake up after it is too late and then complain. There are two reasons for this: fear and faith–the fear of making mistakes and losing what you have, and the lack of faith that everything will be for your good. You can say, “Not making a decision is for my good.” Fine. Then do not complain if opportunities are lost. You cannot have it both ways. I prefer making decisions, learning from them, and choosing whether or not to repeat them. You can make quick decisions when you do not want to waste your birth. You must want to experience God now, to realize “Who am I” now. Enjoy peace and wisdom now. Live in heaven now. Help others now. Stop complaining now. Above all, share now this thought, without the fear of people liking it or not.—Satish Daryanani

Possible & Impossible intersection signs