I am attending a silent retreat and I am told by the organizers that, until I give them my phone, I will not be allowed to enter. So for the next two days, no thoughts can be sent. I questioned myself, “What is more important—my service to others or enjoying silence?” One side of me was ready to leave the program, as I thought service was more valuable then my attending the retreat. Then one person said, “You make the retreat complete with your presence.” I, then, understood that God was testing me, “You were ready to give up the nectar of silence for the service of spreading the teachings? Sit in silence for the next couple of days and you will make it up by sending wonderful thoughts that will arise within you. Sorry, my friends, no thoughts for the next two days. I will make it up by sending new ones that can come from the depths of complete silence in the next two days. Thank you. God bless. — Satish Daryanani

Cell phone prohibited