A. We are born with some talents. Over the years we have to work on many things. Becoming vegetarian and talking about it was not my talent. Being shy, giving public talks was not easy. Playing sports rather than studying, was easier for me. I had to go against my nature to study. To maintain silence for one week every month takes a lot of effort. Real talent is going against your nature. Do not say you have no talent. These austerities are required for your growth. Even writing these thoughts is not my talent. My real talent is being lazy. I got tired of fighting God’s will. Accepting His will is easier. I got fed up of trying to fulfill my desires and I finally gave up on that. I was not allowed to be around my physical Masters, and that pain of separation made me detach from their physical forms. This led to all detachments, as attachments give you pain. Life is about utilizing your strengths and adding more strengths. I’m not saying I do not have any talent. Being on the spiritual path is definitely not my talent. I do not read Spiritual books. Yet, the love of my Masters has put me on this path. So, if the lover of non-vegetarian food, a selfish, egotistical, lazy, hard-headed, talkative, and disobedient person tries to spread the teachings, then anyone can develop any talent they want. — Satish Daryanani

Bug on its back juggling 4 ball