When I was in school, I was very talkative. I received many punishments.  I was made to kneel, stand outside the classroom with my tongue sticking out. I would even get my knuckles rapped with the edge of a ruler. Later on, with the love and grace from my spiritual Masters, I discovered silence. Sometimes, while sitting in silence, I do talk to God and my spiritual Masters but, I get my answers through experiences, not words. My school teachers never explained the benefits of silence. They would just shout and punish. If you want someone to change show them how they can benefit from silence, and not just because you want them to be quiet. Today, many of my old friends, family and past business associates feel I am selfish, as I don’t talk much with them. But the truth is that silence has become an addiction. I prefer talking if it is productive in spreading the teachings. I have wasted a lot of my precious energy on words that had no value. Every word I speak should be more precious than each breath I take. Satish Daryanani