To get deals done, we often have to deal with strangers. We research the people and come to a conclusion based on what we hear about them. Then fear sets in and we worry: “Will they be agreeable or will they be tough or rude?” You must have faith in your ability to make strangers into friends. Your homework has prepared you to be cautious, not afraid. Sometimes, I saw fear in people when they would talk to the spiritual Masters. They are all human, made by the same Lord. So, whether I talk to my childhood friend, or Jeff Bezos, or my Masters, or the Queen of England, it’s all the same. They are all the same. Be your self, speak with love and respect, speak to the point and get your job done. All of this will prepare you to talk to the boss of all—God. He does not get special treatment. He is in everyone, so I speak to Him the same way as I speak to everyone. Remember, no one is better or worse than you. When you see everyone equally, you talk fearlessly with everyone. Then, you will enjoy making new friends daily.—Satish Daryanani