You could be married to a person for over 50 years and still feel you are talking to a stranger. Very few people can find someone they can talk to about everything that is in their hearts. I was fortunate to have spiritual Masters to confess to and with whom to discuss everything in my life. Slowly, that relationship grew and I learned to discuss everything with the Master within. If you do not have that, you seek strangers from outside. You will even pay to communicate with someone. That true friend is needed in your life. No fighting or arguing, no judgements, or egos clashing, just a pure understanding of the situations in your life. To find that neutrality in people is not easy, as they should not be attached to you and only have pure love for you. God created this emptiness in our lives so that His life gets complete. If children do not show love and need for their parents, the parents lives are incomplete. So, God, too, is waiting for love, for devotees to seek His advice and blessings. Only the Lord knows what is in your heart. You cannot hide it. One day, God will not be a stranger in your life. Then, you are protected and are not lonely.— Satish Daryanani