We are fortunate that we can enjoy a variety of foods. There are many flavors and our of taste buds, a gift, makes it possible to enjoy life. If I had no taste buds, I would be a very slim person. Life is the same. To enjoy it, we need flavors. People think that by evolving spiritually and having permanent equanimity they will be free from the changes of the world. If you are not able to enjoy the variety pack of life, it will be like eating food without tasting it. The only difference is you do not want to taste only the sweet stuff. All that comes is for enjoying. No comparisons or longings for a particular flavor. This change stops all your complaints. Only peace and wisdom all the time is like having only spicy, or sweet, foods. All that comes is good. Even the flavors of silence. No matter how good something is in life, eventually, we will get fed up of it. Now, if you only have sunny days, profits, good health, success, and compliments, you will limit your taste buds. Even the taste of bitter foods has its own joy. If you want only perfection in your life try eating only steamed rice for one week. You will long for the dish you hate the most. Spirituality is not for conquering your taste buds. It is to not make you a slave of the few that you enjoy. — Satish Daryanani

Illustration mapping tastebuds on a tongue