Getting a tattoo is in style today. In the old days in India, children’s names were tattooed on their arms in case they got lost in a crowd. Now, it is a canvas for all that we stand for or identify ourselves with. The day we understand putting tattoos on our bodies is like drawing on the sand on a beach. The ocean will wash it away. We are putting tattoos on our temporary human forms. Instead, if we live in peace, we do not need to wear a tattoo of peace. The expressions on our faces, our actions, and our lives should become tattoos, which would be permanent. Jesus should be in our hearts, not on our bodies.  Rather than wearing the tattoo of a heart, love should be pouring out of our hearts. If I were to have a tattoo, it would be of a dot representing how I am nothing.— Satish Daryanani

Tattoo on arm