I once asked my spiritual Master, “Who benefits more in a question and answer session?” The Master would say, “I learn so much from your questions.” I thought He was being humble. It is true. When you speak about the teachings, your full attention is on the subject. The listener may or may not be paying attention. While speaking, the speaker’s conscience starts prickling, as he may not be practicing what he is preaching. As the speaker has to go in-depth to discover the answers, there is a deep peace that comes while answering. Listening to the questions being asked, the speaker feels that his own problems are small by comparison. The confusion of the student entertains the speaker, who realizes that he, too, sometimes gets caught in the web of ignorance. The speaker improves his patience by listening to all the student is saying. He feels good that, at least, he was of some use on that day. His inner gratitude grows as he becomes aware that he is not struggling like the student and has a direct connection with the Lord that provides the answers. The teacher, too, was a student at one time. Now he has no questions to ask. He is free from confusion. Now I understand why students are needed. They bring up subjects of which the teacher would never have thought. Thanks to all the students who bring the best out in the teachers. — Satish Daryanani

teacher and student illustration