Smt. Dr. Prema Pandurang

Author of Look Within  (download the free ebook).

Prof. Prema Pandurang, M.A is the daughter of Dr. P. Nagaraja Rao, a retired professor of Philosophy, and hails from a devout family in Tamil Nadu. She was Professor of English for Post Graduate students in the prestigious Presidency College in Chennai for around two decades.

She is the founder and president of Samskriti (Home of Culture) and Kshetropasna Charitable Trust and the Founder Trustee of Shree Chakra Foundation.

Prof. Pandurang is the Managing Trustee of Kshetropasna Trust in GokulDham near Sriperumbudur. Kshetropasna Trust was founded by Pujya Prof. Prema Pandurang and Dr. P.R. Krishnakumar with the noble purpose of establishing a unique organization to revive the values and ideals of Indian culture in India & Abroad. This Trust encompasses several activities.

It has various temples, the most prominent one being the one dedicated to Lord Guruvayoorappa, two small temples of Lord Ganesha and Devi Mookambika. Kshetropasna runs an English Medium school laying stress on faith, morality, love, discipline etc. It caters to the academic and moral needs of lesser privileged children.

An old age home, Sharanagathi, is also under the care of Kshetropasna providing peace and shelter to the elders in the sunsets of their lives. Kshetropasna has plans to set up a Drug bank, a textile bank, a youth group, a book bank and a Rural Development scheme. Prof. Pandurang has been lecturing in Hindi, English and Sanskrit on the great epics like Srimad Bhagawad, Bhagavat Geetha and Ramayana and the cultural issues in India and abroad.

She wields a powerful pen and has a God-given gift of magnificent eloquence. She has to her credit a number of articles in various popular journals. Her writing always stimulate thought and inner peace. She speaks on God with fervor and conviction.

She has delivered very significant endowment lectures like the Kanchi Acharya Endowment Lecture, Rt. Hon. Srinivasa Shastri Endowment Lecture, Shrimad Bhagavat discourses etc. She views Hinduism as an external way of Life and presents it in all its catholic angles with relevance to modern Life. She has participated in international conferences in Hague, Prague, Copenhagen, Singapore,Nepal and has conducted spiritual discourses in more than 30 countries including USA, UAE and Bahrain.

Twenty five years ago, Premaji had the great honor of speaking in the presence of Srila Prabhupada at Zurich ISKCON Center. She has also attended many conferences of the Rotary, Lions, Christian Peace Conference etc. She was invited by the Hindu Religious Department of the Government of Singapore in 1988 to deliver talks at all the temples for fund collection. The talks were very well received by the audience and the organizers. She is the author of a few books and has to her credit more than 300 bhajans in Tamil and Hindi. Prof. Prema Pandurang cuts across all artificial barriers of religion, age, caste, creed etc with her soul-inspiring discourses.


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  1. Revered Madam
    I have been inspired by your divine lectures. I listen frequently fronm you tube. i am also a retired prof of geography and environmental science in Tribhuvan University Kathmandu for nearly 40 years. . I have been mentally inclined in spirituality as mu core subject of inspiration and devotion. I heartily respect for your god gifted spiritual strength.
    Laxman Prashad Adhikary
    Kathmandu, Nepal.

  2. My Deep Pranams Madam. Excellent delivery and speech on spirituality. Powerful and soothing and touching divine words and discourses. We are ALl Lucky to have you MADAM. Stay Blessed yourself, family, Devotees and others. Hari Om Tat Sat Shree Krishnarpanamastu. With regards. Shivakumar. Bangalore.

  3. Revered Ammaji,
    Please send us the address of the site in regard to practices to be observed during pregnancy for the foetus , for his/ her spiritual well being . Any advice or reference will be appreciated . This is fir my cousins daughter-in-law
    Swaroop Rani,

  4. Pranam to lovely God Krishna Narayana Paranthama who is graceful on this Janmashtami Day today showed this graceful avatar to me thru SVBC tv channel. ….

  5. Respected pujiy buruma ji, I want to talk with u for few minutes . I attended your satsang at satya sai nigam at hyderabad and I had taken your autograph tooo as blessings from u. But I want to wish u and I want to talk with u please . A

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