Birth, education and early life: never told nor encouraged

Basic constitution: love and joy

Wants to do: distribute the joy inherent

Doesn’t want to do: build institutions and followers

Words in which greatest faith are placed: “Brahma bhootah prasannatma na shochati na kankshati.” Srimad Bhagawad Geeta-Chapter: 18, Verse 54. Meaning: “Happiness is the sign of God realization.”

Prayer: “Let there be no hatred for anyone, even for fun.”

Contradiction of personality: Simplicity and depth, love and indifference

Aim in life: “All his, nothing of my own.”

Main teachings: Greatness is achieved by paying attention to small things. Do not struggle for God realization. Let him manifest through you.





  1. Swamiji’s teachings are the core subject of vedanta. Bhagabat gita. Swamiji’s lecture has the healing power to cure the any kinds of worldly wounds. Swamiji is a great asset for Spiritual world of India.

  2. Haribol…
    I’m pushing 68 y.o. All my life, I’ve tried to follow THIS path and THAT path, but all I’ve ever done is argue about them all. I’m tired of arguing.
    Now I’m listening to your talk about how no argument is worth losing peace over.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.

    • Swami Anubhavananda
      An awakened master. A being of heart felt wisdom and knowledge. One who is pure love who walks the talk. Thank you is barely enough words to describe the gratitude we have for this living Master.
      Robyn and Steve Graham

  3. Swamiji… I love you…
    I listen to you enveryday in Youtube. I m realy Thank full to you. I got so much guidance from your lecture for my better and future life.

  4. I am learning from Swamiji’s teachings for last 2 years or so. I have learnt a lot and my foundation of spiritual knowledge has become stronger from Swamiji’s teachings. Deepest gratitude and Pranaam to Swamiji.

  5. Swamiji is the greatest of all masters – the enlightened ones . Highly digestible vedantic knowledge . Jai gurudev

  6. Swamiji has made great things very easy. I’ve been listening to his talks for two years.Now I find none as good as he.I need his grace to follow him soul and heart.

  7. Pranaam Pranaam.
    This body don’t know how to convey gratitude, respect and love for You. Last five to six months following your youtube channel where You always showering Your positive will.
    By the grace and source from the almighty this soul have a profession of singing songs in Bengali and Hindi .
    Please forgive me…
    trying to talk with you.
    But don’t know how .

    This soul have 100% confidence that You can read any soul from any distance.
    Please allow . Please allow.
    Pranaam Pranaam.

  8. स्वामीजी के साक्षात दर्शन वर्ष 1996 में बम्बई के पवई में स्थित चिन्मय मिशन आश्रम में हुए थे । धन्य हो गया जीवन ।
    Swamiji whenever I get upset your teachings light my path ..
    Miss you Swamiji .. I Love you ..

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