When you gaze into the eyes of someone peaceful, loving, and caring, tears can come to your eyes. You get to see the reflection of your true self. Tears come from who you are instead of who you think you are. For example, if a beautiful woman gets up in the morning and sees the reflection of a wrinkled, aged face with pimples, she will start crying. That is not the face she thinks she is. Saints become mirrors because their minds are crystal clear. We see pure unconditional love being poured. That love melts us into tears. We see who we truly are and who we have become. This childlike face reminds us of what we have lost over the years. In reality, these tears are empathy for our own true selves. All that we have thought and done in our lives has made us lose having the same loving eyes. The eyes which heal and bless have been lost. The glow of our faces has been lost over time. Seeing a pure soul brings out the lost treasure of our lives. So tears are not for the love of the Holy One, instead they are tears from missing the Holy One within. — Satish Daryanani

A young woman's face reflecting an aged woman